How addictive is Adderall?

     Was offered it a few times to help with studying. Should I try it or stay away?

Its legal meth. Your call.

cpeal63 - Its legal meth. Your call.

Technically its legal speed its just amphetamine.

Can be very addicting. If you do fine in school just stay away imo.

fucking on adderall is addicting

I am prescribed 30mg. Usually just take a half. Ran out on Friday. No side affects at all for me. It's not no heroin, that's for sure. I know some people who are def addicted. For me, I have to worry about opiates. Adderall just helps me focus like no other.

I was on it as a teen and it helped me concentrate. It had no negative effects.

I've taken it to study or work on projects. I would recommend only doing it once every 2 weeks at most and taking 10-15 mg. Effects last 5-7 hours (they take 45 mins or so to kick in) so don't take it past 4 or 5 pm unless you wanna stay up late studying or pull an all nighter. It definitely helped me a lot but only take it when you need it and when you're gonna study for 5-7 hours straight. 

Glowman -

I was on it as a teen and it helped me concentrate. It had no negative effects.


Except they didn't figure it out til after college.

I drink all night on that shit

I took it all throughout college, as I had a prescription. Stopping was never a problem post-grad. 

Everyone is different though. Yeah, it's pretty much legal speed.

I have a few hundred laying around...

I never take them, it fucks my sleep up too severely.

Not a clue. Interested to hear more. What concerns me most about it is the extra stress on the heart/cardiovascular system. That is something Im paranoid about.

I need to get back to studying for the CPA exams and pass that shit though. Ive managed to bull shit my way through my entire academic career, including my masters, but you cant do that with the CPA. It isnt brain surgery by any means, but you do really need to put the quality study time in...which is an epic battle for me.

You'll end up with sweaty palms and a stinky nutsack, meth is next 

If u don't like yours, please mail it to me, and I will dispose of it promptly

It's amazing. You feel like Bradley Cooper in Limitless.

All depends on you. Most start it to accomplish goals ect. The downward spiral is when you start to believe you need it all the time. 

Example, man I got a few errands to run and tired, I'll just pop a pill for the energy. It's the easy way. Be cautious. It does work. It was rampant in medical school. I never took it but people did seem to perform better with it. 

Adderall makes me psychotic. Like maybe kill someone and eat them type of psychotic. I don't know how kids take it. To me it's worse than every other drug.

WTF is up with some of your bodies? Are you guys snorting it? Or taking more than one at a time?

I wish I had some adderall. Im riddled with ADD.

I haven't had it since I got out of high school. Mostly because I can't afford it.

I have the attention span of a cat without it.