How are the Peter Aerts videos?

Anyone were watching the Peter Aerts instructional Videos?How good are? i have Rob Kaman videos and like a lot.

Good combo ideas but sloppy technique

I could see that in the Aerts videos (only saw the power vid's, didn't get to see the combo). He's a great fighter, but relied on his power and speed. When he got older, and lost a step, lesser fighters started to take him apart.

Fighters like Hoost, relied on technique and still do quite well against the good fighters today.

btw, where did you get hte Kaman vid's?

they're ok. as above said, he's not the most technical guy. but his power is just sick..

Well i like a lot the panther videos Rob Kaman. I really wish they had a good archive system in Muay Thai have more tips about combinations and combos `Peter Aerts videos or amy be Hoost.
Thanks for the advices it would help so much.

email me at regarind tapes



Don't try any other tapes if you have Rob Kaman and Vut Kamnark videos.The are the best and the greatest.

I'm looking for many years 5 first muaythai tapes of Marco De Cezaris which were filmed in Thailand.
Is anyone knows where I can find and purchase them?