How are the Rashad-haters feeling right about now?

I've noticed quite an absence of them tonight.

Wonder where they are?

Drinking away their sorrows?

Suicide hotline?


Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe the more elite HOF fighters Rashad beats (Chuck, Forrest, Dan), maybe, JUST MAYBE, ya'll can start respecting him a little more?

Nah probably not. Wishful thinking.


You've noticed an absence? Have you not noticed over half the UG claiming Henderson won the fight?

You're seriously reaching here.

I'd say valiant effort but it clearly isn't.

Rashad definitely deserves more respect than he gets on the UG. Clearly an elite fighter.

Good troll attempt.. i think?

Rashad hasn't been impressive since lidell\forrest Phone Post

shaveit - 

Rashad hasn't been impressive since lidell\forrest Phone Post

My point exactly

I've never been a fan of Rashad's, and likely never will be. He's an elite level fighter, no doubt about that- and I wish him nothing but the best- but I just don't particularly care for his style. Just my opinion. Phone Post

Really? Was the Rashad performance dominant enough tonight to warrant trolling the haters? If so, I must have been watching a different fight.

shaveit - 

Rashad hasn't been impressive since lidell\forrest Phone Post

He wasn't even that impressive in those fights. He was losing both until he landed the bombs.

world class bore


They're seething because Rashad didn't hold perfectly still for Hendo's right hand and regurgitating Hendo's bullshit about how Rashad didn't really hurt him and how he went down because he "tripped against the cage."

He got rocked and didn't have much besides some occasional flurries. Was not impressed.

It wasn't a dominant performance but he did win that fight clearly. Other than running into that jab and those two elbows, he beat Hendo up and had him backing up the entire time.

For the sake of the division, I'm glad Evans won. He's fairly young and can still be truly competitive in the division. Give him a rematch with Machida or Glover for his next fight. Phone Post 3.0

Ever since the loss to Lyoto he hasn't been the same. Sure he has won fights since then but he doesn't have that killer instinct. A lot of fighters tighten up once they lose confidence in their chin. Phone Post 3.0

Rashad looked afraid the whole fight that's why his corner kept telling him 'it' s ok' and what not.

But he got the judges nod, so good for him. I'm not a rashad hater, just a bigger Hendo fan. Neither guy looked spectacular tonight. I'd say Hendo did more damage but rashad did more controlling. Phone Post

Yawn Phone Post 3.0

fuck you AC slater

Did he finish the fight no did he look good first two rounds no should he get a title shot with another victory no rashad is on the down side of his career he should fight shogun or Hammel or machida again he hasn't looked good in years Phone Post

Not that many shad' haters on here. Hendos just one of the UG's beloved. Phone Post