How are Vunak's Tapes????

I was wondering what you guys think of Vunaks tapes? Are there better one's than his out there? Also can you guys recommend any good FMA instructional tapes? Thanks guys.


IMHO, Vu's tapes are most useful in tandem with proper instruction from one of his instructors. Without that, it's kind of hit and miss.

However, the Dog Brothers FMA tapes are exceptional. With or without instruction, you'll get a lot out of them. I haven't seen their 2nd series, but I hear their great. I own their panther vids, and they're really quite something.

dog brothers 2nd series is better than the first IMO, much more instructional.


gosh darn it!! And I already used up my x-mas wish list.

lol there's always next year!

To me, the first series was theory on how to train for stickfighting combined with tons of fight clips.

the 2nd series has more drills to help you develop for real contact stick fighting. I especially liked the attacking blocks tape. I think that's the name of it anyway.

Where can I order the Dog Brothers vids?

some of Paul's tapes are better than others.

Good ones: HKE's, Mass Attack, Straight Blast.

There are more, but I am just tired today.


So would you choose Tony Blauer's or Paul Vunaks?


I personally like Larry Tatum's and think they are FAR more realistic.

Larry Tatum is the closest thing we have to a god.

Bow peons!


anatomy of a streetfight and Mass Attack are the best!!!!

Anatomy of a Streetfight is pretty classic. Not sure how much I would've gotten out of it though, had I watched it as a newbie. Aside from this, I think it's excellent supplementary material.

I particularly enjoyed the "Was he a better fighter? We'll never know. I never gave him the chance. Remember: firstest, with the mostest, is the bestest." I laugh everytime I see that clip.

Have a Vunak tape or two... will sell.
Original tapes... no dupes!
Can provide references.-Kev

I tend to find myself defending Vunak on boards such as this, and I do own most of his tapes; however, unless your in the PFS JKD "family" then I have to agree with some of the other posts . . . it is hit and miss.

Personally, I love them. I also spend 40+ hours with each tape taking notes, diagraming scenarios, producing organizational notes, instructional notes, etc.

I always get something out of Vunak's tapes that make the purchase seem worth the expense . . . I just wish they were better organized, followed a more structured plan of presentation. Then again, my Masters Degree is in Technical Documentation so I'm a little anal about organization.

I had his Streetfighting Series. I hear that most series have a lot of overlap from one to another. I got a lot out of them at the time, but I use more of Blauer, McCann, and Thornton's material now, which I like a lot.

Lot of good material in them, anyway, and Vu's a very knowledgeable and talented guy--just not my cup of tea at this point in time.

Does anyone know anything about the new tape series Vunak is supposed to be coming out with? There is something on his website about new cutting edge videos to be released in late 2003.

I've noticed the website rarely gets maybe they are already out??? Any info?


Man I used to have all these tapes back in the day. Went to the Sierra Retreat, hung witht the Man and got my certificate, all that.

Now all I can remember about Anatomy of a Streetfight are two cute chicks fighting and one of them pulling a double leg that gave me a chubby.

Do yourself a favor. Not to disparage Paul or his faction, and not to make this forum sound like a broken record, but go the and wander around there. Their tapes are pretty cheap and will get you a lot further in the long run.

"Gordao" aka Larry the reformed Tape trainer.

I might lose some friends for this but....

Anatomy of a Street Fight is one of the worst tapes on the market.

Why? Most people refer to it as a classic because
the last 12 MINUTES and only the LAST 12 MINUTES have good material: Paul in a bar setting showing self defense against an agressor. The rest of the tape 45 MINUTES has nothing to do with streetfighting.

It is a bunch of sparring matches WITHOUT ANY COMMENTARY OR ANY DISCUSSION including a submission grappling match (NOT A STREET FIGHT), a kali sparring match (NOT A STREET FIGHT) and clip of four people having a non striking jiu jitsu/grappling match on the floor of the bar (NOT A REAL STREET FIGHT AND ABSURD BEYOND BELIEF IN THE CONTEXT IT IS SHOWN)

When watching it I was like, what a total rip off.

The tape is a waste of money except for the last 1/4 of it.