How awesome are the Flyweights?

There seems to be a lot of negativity around here lately, and I'm probably not innocent of that, so I thought I'd make a thread about something awesome. Specifically Flyweights.

They don't gas. They're fast as fuck. They've got heart to burn. And they are lighting fast motherfuckers who give their all and rarely fail to deliver the violence. Plus there's this dude:


Also, look at this dude's mustache, just look at it! Swank as fuck, yo.

Also what other division has an actual oompa loompa?


I mean, yeah, I think there was some dude on TUF with that look a few years ago, but Louis Gaudinot is actually good!

So yeah, I just wanted to point out how awesome Flyweights are, and I hope we get Alexis Vila in the UFC soon:


Flyweight is sick, VU op Phone Post 3.0

High paced action. Both guys are usually still flying around at the end of the third. So much speed and stamina and a lot of good technique too. Phone Post 3.0

As a man i enjoy combat ! The amount if muscle on the guy fighting is not really important to me . They throw punches in bunches with very little hugging and stalling ya im a fan Phone Post 3.0

Love the class looking forward to a Dodson v DJ rematch Phone Post 3.0