How awesome was the WEC PPV

I love going back and watching old fights on dvd. Probably my favorite MMA dvd is the WEC PPV.

Anyone else love this one?

Look at that card!


I loved it, really strong card.
Also the first time I saw TKZ and he’s one of my favourite fighters ever since.

You may have prompted me to watch the whole thing again on fightpass - Thanks.

helluva card

Someone posted the reported purses from that card the other day. I remember Pickett made 5k and 5k. Mighty Mouse made 3k.

Heck yeah man! Enjoy! This was also where I became a huge TKZ fan!

WEC events were always fucking great.

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I started watching MMA with the WEC, then got into everything else. Those WEC cards are nostalgic as hell.

I went to a bar to watch this. Was a great event