How bout a subscription gi service?

This is my stupid idea for the day - how about a subscription gi service? It could work similar to Netflix, where you pay a monthly fee and get to rent a gi of your choice with the option to buy if you really like it. You can keep the gi as long as you like but you keep making payments and can't get another one until you send it back. It would be a good way to try out a gi for a few days to make sure you like it before you buy it.

The obvious setback would be that you're mostly getting used gis, but if the company did a good job of cycling out the old ones it could work.

Would you sign up? Phone Post 3.0

Gi shrinkage with washing would make it tough to work. Once someone washed it and it shrunk it would be hard for the service to reliably rent it back out based off of a size chart. Phone Post 3.0

Plus there are a lot of dirty mofos out there. It's not like tuxedos or evening gown rental services. Minus the vomit, tuxedos dont get the sweat treatment like a gi would Phone Post 3.0

What about $29 a month and you get a new gi every 3 months? Phone Post 3.0

Bruce's idea is more aligned with current trends. Mystery boxes, designer clothes, etc... Phone Post 3.0