How bout Barry vs. Gonzaga?

Guaranteed fireworks, probably won't go to decision. Gonzaga has the ground game along with good enough striking to give Barry a battle, and Barry has the power to put Gonzaga's lights out.

Either that or Barry vs. Schaub, that would be KO of the Night for sure.


Berry would be subbed quickly, no disrespect but hes just not on that level yet. He is improving though Phone Post

 Barry vs Tim Sylvia, make it happen!

barry wouldn't be able to escape the same he did against morecraft; especially if gonzaga mounts him.

Barry vs Schaub sounds like a good fight.


It would like much like Gonzagas "how to peel a banana" tutorial. Phone Post

Look* Phone Post

 Let's bring Pat up slowly. He is incredibly physically gifted, his ground game is coming along, and his Striking speaks for itself - how 'bout we just let him mature a little slower. If they bring Pat up slowly, he'll be a nightmare for anyone in the division. With that said, I think Gonzaga is way too tough of a fight for Pat at this point. In all honesty, I think a guy like Rob Broughton - Yes, I know, Pat would most likely maul him. But that's the point, just try and build him up slowly. 

 In my opinion, he has a ridiculous amount of potential - and if the UFC brass could manage it, they very well may have a future champ in the making.

Barry will get subbed too easily, he's not raven a challenge for gonzaga right now... Schuab vs Barry sounds good Phone Post

How about Mitrione vs Barry?

TapoutT1978 -
Okkun - Barry vs Schaub sounds like a good fight.


Yes. Gonzaga is too skilled on the ground.

Spot on give Barry sum1 who will trade with him or atleat give him some1 around the same height lol Phone Post

I'd like to see Barry vs Dave herman Phone Post

Ever since they brought mark hunt in I've been dreaming of him and pat fighting.

It would be a kick boxing war!! Phone Post

lol Gonzaga would win effortlessly. I'd rather see Barry vs Mitrione

Gonzaga by sub fast, gonzaga has gone back to his roots after he got mindfucked from headkick koing Cro cop, that actually really fucked him IMO. Phone Post

The bloke off Bleacher Report recommended this aswell. I think it would be good fight if Gonzaga trades Phone Post

How bout no scott Phone Post


As a huge barry fan I sgtrongly disagree with this match up, for barry's sake.