How 'bout them Ravens!!!!

44 to 41 victory over the Seahawks!!!

One of the best games I've seen in awhile!

Jamal Lewis = Best Running Back in the League

Fantastic game!!! Kicking myself for giving my tickets to today's game to my neighbor because I had to work.

Ravens will make the playoffs and beat Tennesse (whom they'll host) in the first round.

I didnt see much of the game, but I never envisoned the ravens scoring 44 points .....Nice win for u guys

or giving up 41.

I'm pretty psyched, I must admit.

u should be...Especially in your divison, every game is crucial

Great game to watch. Hasselbeck scored me a metric ASSLOAD of fantasy points too :)

Hasselback did score an assload of fantasy points.

How the hell do the Ravens score 44 and their best reciever TE Todd Heap only gets me 2 points?

"Jamal Lewis = Best Running Back in the League"

his name is Priest Holmes.

Damn fuckin' Ravens. Beat my Seahwaks...

Next week we get our shot, TO. What a game for the Bengals today in Pittsburgh. Kitna should be named MVP.

The 49ers looked awful today, especially garcia

Terrell Owens is one of the most overrated WR in the game, IMO.

IMO and his 5 Pro Bowls, he is one of the best wr's in the game....If the QB doesnt get him the ball, how is that his fault?.....But his attitude sucks.

I watched the game and it was dreadfull...all four picks were tipped passes that Garcia threw behind or too high for the receivers...

At least there is always next year....


yeah it was redemption day for balmur..

yep B- mo is fo real :)