How can anyone dislike LeBron?

Stupid fuck Altofsky missing the point entirely, once again. You can’t understand the difference between buying a Chinese made product because it’s a product our country imports from China and owning a multimillion/billion $ company and using slave, impoverished people to make your products to save money. If I owned a company that could use American workers, I 100% would. I’m a business owner so I know. And I know free market and capitalistic ideal. I’m extremely conservative. But there is a point such as in Nike’s case and many others where it’s just scummy greed.

And a huge asshole, which means you aren’t helping the cause. Every discussion in which you engage, the other person walks away thinking “typical ignorant loud mouth conservative”.

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He hates white people. So yeah he’s a piece of shit.

LeBron James is a faggot.

Fuck LeBron James.

LeBron James should have diarrhea thrown on him everywhere he goes.

Thank you.