How Can Anyone Still Support Biden After This Humanitarian Disaster In Afghanistan?

Pres Trump’s entire 4 years of MSM generated crises don’t come close to what is happening in Afghanistan. How on earth can anyone still support him after this?

Time for the 25th amendment? Senator Scott seems to think so.


Are we thinking we were going to leave and everything would be OK over there? Are we thinking he should have done it differently in some way to avoid the Afghan troops from running and leaving guns and humvees for the Taliban get? Should we have not given the Afghans guns and humvees at all? We’re we to slowly reduce our presence over the next 20 years? Have any Americans been killed or harmed during this retreat?

I’m trying to understand what happened that shouldn’t have.

Cami??? And I’m not supporting or defending how he is doing it. I’m for getting out especially after 20 years and a trillion dollars

I really don’t think Biden knows what he is doing. Here is SOS on July 7th, and also his admin was offered advice of how to withdrawal and he ignored it. I don’t think any American citizens have been killed yet. Yes, I am all for the US leaving, but how they are doing it is reckless and ridiculous.

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The only thing I’m not happy about is them leaving all that equipment and weapons behind. Seriously, what in the fuck was that? Other than that, there was no way to gracefully back out. Those people had all this time to train up and when they were given the reins, they wilted. Well actually, I’m not ok with all the lives we lost fighting a war that we just gave up on, but really, what else was there to do? We are either all in or we aren’t.



Didn’t we leave it with the Afghan soldiers or military and they bailed? And can understand (in hindsight to some degree) that more oversight on what was happening with these weapons. But we weren’t going to leave them empty handed

Don’t give a flying fuck about Afghanistan.


We knew what they would do. They never had the confidence in themselves. They don’t have the heart to fight for their own country. Anyone that deployed with them and went on patrol knew that.

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From that Posibiec post…. A bit interesting. Thanks for posting

President Biden’s most senior advisers say there were stunned at the way Taliban fighters were able to advance across Afghanistan while government forces melted away or simply laid down their arms.

Yet for years officials, generals and watchdogs warned that a peace deal with the Taliban was not to be trusted and that the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces were riddled with shortcomings, despite more than $80 billion of dollars in assistance.

Those warnings show how both President Biden and Trump, Democrat and Republican, believed what they wanted to believe in order bring home U.S. soldiers.

Biden is literally pushing people out of planes!

-CNN (if they treated him like Trump)


I can’t disagree with we should have taken back arms if we think that really would have changed thing.

Imagine this for a minute. Biden removes troops, takes back all arms, takes back humvees and within two weeks the Taliban take over major cities and the capital. Wouldn’t “we” be saying the same thing as far as a flawed/disastrous withdrawal. Too me it would be worse this way around if we took weapons with us snd this happened

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Lol he clearly has dementia. Anyone who supported him already is a retarded moron.


I’m actually with you as im get the heck out, it’s their problem. But I’m somewhat interested in hearing all sides on this since it’s the news if the week and not Covid

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They handed over millions of dollars worth of gear within HOURS of exfil. Any grunt could have told you that’s EXACTLY what would happen.

Cami is relieved that the Taliban retaking the country happened under Biden.

Because it undoubtedly would have happened under Trump if he had his way.


As I stated above, imagine leaving with all the weapons and money and then the same thing happened

No, I say let that decrepit old man stay president. Let his advisors keep trying to run the country. Chances are good that we’ll get an even headed Republican in 2024 and the far lefty Democrats might actually get some sense back.

I’m all for an even headed Republican…

Cami Bad!

Trump Bad!

Muh Taliban!

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