How can anyone support UBI now?

The current labor situation in the U.S. is proof posititve that the majority would simply be lazy pieces of shit.


Absolutely. This is a good dry run for it and shows the concept is beyond dangerous.

The argument was always that even though people would be making enough to survive with UBI, they would go out and get jobs to raise their level of income further. Bullshit. When you pay people to stay home, they stay home. period.

And you can’t blame them really. Why work if you can kick back and get paid to watch Netflix all day?




I think the current wage for being a lazy piece of shit is higher than it would be for UBI. People were getting the extra 600 a week for how long, then 300. Being a shiftless fuck is about a 15-20 dollar an hour job right now. UBI would probably be like 1500 a month.

But yeah, people still would choose to not work for that. Part time at some bullshit job maybe. Which they would suck at and have a horrible attitude about.


They’re just blaming it on wages being too low.

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I can’t support that

Seems like there is a decent chunk of people both mid aged and young that just want free lunch and lodging

That ain’t right

A $15 per hour job is $1500 a month (after taxes).

i think it could work, but it would take a lot of reforms to the labor market. you’d have to get rid of unemployment and minimum wage laws so that the labor market could operate as efficiently as possible and wouldn’t incentivize people to stay home. that’s just a start. it’s a bit of a pipe dream though, like replacing our tax code or revamping education - too big of an idea to actually implement.

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Why even fuck with it though? The argument from Yang is we have to do it because of automation. Yet there are millions more jobs available right now than people willing to fill them. McDonald’s is offering free iPhones to anyone just willing to stay a few months on top of the salary. Yet no deal.

Exactly. When shit the left puts forward doesn’t work out (nearly everything), there is always a root cause which has no basis in reality.

Which is true when you look at what housing costs now. I blame it on high housing costs and video games/netflix/social media. If you’re shacked up with roomates or in your parents house it doesn’t really cost that much to entertain yourself.

I’m not sure we should. I’m just saying i think it could work. lots of ways to skin a cat.

but the best ideas around UBI i’ve read, include using it while removing minimum wage and welfare. right now, the labor market lacks efficiency. you can’t just move from job A to B like you can change suppliers of gasoline. that causes people to get stuck in jobs they don’t like and allows employers to exploit labor because of the hand to mouth mentality of most workers. give them an instant safety net that puts everyone on the some similar footing and allow wages to float more freely on top of the UBI and you could fix some of those problems.

again, probably too big of an idea to actually implement if you ask me, but i think it could work if we wanted it to.

Hey yeah, you’re kind of right. 375 a week. My calculations were off. With base unemployment and the bonus stimulus people were probably clearing 900 a week though, now 600. UBI would still be a big drop off in trips to Starbucks, Chipotle and luxury purchases.

We’ve been trying to hire dispatchers for the last year. These are 100k & up positions & people don’t apply. The last two people we hired were the ONLY ones to apply. This time we had 3 postings, 26 applications but only 2 qualified to interview & it was posted on several sites.

I had a hell of a time hiring a guy to help me pour a patio last month. Had to call everybody I knew that had guys & they all said the same thing, nobody will come to work.

Abundance of free money plus less goods to purchase equals inflation! Add in massive money printing along with no new leases for drilling or lease renewals and I can’t wait to see how much a gallon of gas costs next year at this time.

Most of the places desperate for workers are customer service jobs. People are too stupid and shitty these days to be effective in those roles. I get any hint of bullshit from someone making my food or taking my money for a service, that person can fuck off. Give me a kiosk. I’m actually respectful to service employees cause I don’t like getting mad over bullshit, but most of them carry themselves like you’re bothering them. They give you shit, then when you check them on it they do the customer is an asshole routine.

I think it’s from being on the internet too much. There’s just a lower standard of how a person behaves in the service role. The humble aspect is gone. I’m serving you fries, but I’m still a big hit on Tik-Tok so just recognize, wait and deal with it.

I’d be for mass deportations before I’d be for UBI.


UBI is very different to all the employment benefits and situation going on.

Real UBI doesn’t get clawed back and you don’t lose it if you start employment.

That’s the problem now is if people go to work they lose this free money… with UBI they wouldn’t experience any loss of benefits.

If employers have to pay $15/hr+ to hire losers to make tacos then those losers will still have those wages long after the unemployment extras expire. I assume this is the democrat backdoor to ridiculous minimum wage increases.

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If we could get rid of the entire IRS and all welfare programs and just have VAT and UBI, I would make that switch in a heartbeat. Knowing how the government machine only grows and never shrinks, the reality is that any UBI program would almost certainly come with more taxes and more government bureaucracy, not less, so not really interested in that

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