How Can I Add Value to Your Life?

Most of what I post is dribble and bullshit.

I would like to add value to your life.

What kind of shit would you like to see?

Naked fatties? I could do a weekly Bbw thread.

Weekly UFO/gay ghost stories

Weekly gay question of the day? Phone Post 3.0

Send me money Phone Post 3.0

And stop making threads Phone Post 3.0

Only legit answer is boobs. Boobs attached to hotties. Phone Post 3.0

You already have! When I was deployed the first time to Middle East and that was , you were one of the people who emailed me. You'll always be good people in my book Jinx.

suck my cock

The history of each country in the world.

I will start.

England took over them and then gave them back. Phone Post 3.0

£1500 Phone Post 3.0

murder Donald Trump to living death

I was just thinking yesterday that you seem to be returning to form. Keep doing what you do. The only request I might have is for you to go back to your original name.

Just reading your post made my day. VU for outright positive energy!

You're a good dude, sir. Sending good vibes your way- and everyone elses. The world could use more positive people looking to do good for others like yourself, OP. Phone Post 3.0

Everyone is always trying to inject something profound and enlightening.  Continue posting dribble and bullshit.  That's what makes the OG fun.

Bring back and old rich white fucker

RefriedJinx - Weekly gay question of the day?

The weekly one of the day, eh? Nice.

Your threads are entertaining (white guilt, belly button etc). Keep going. Phone Post 3.0

PayPal Phone Post 3.0

Gay ghost stories Phone Post 3.0

I've been on this forum since 1999, when RefriedJinx was just plain Jinx. I've read hundreds of your threads. I still recall some of them still. Never ever have a seen a picture of what this dude looks like. All I know is that he's Mexican. Phone Post 3.0

holy shit i can't believe Jinx is doing this!

I have not been posting because forum function SUCKS and it is difficult for me to post and I always have to run a long virus scan after use this forum which sucks.......

but I wished to sign in for this thread so I can say your posts and threads are good entertainment which already adds value for my life :)

and it was difficult to make this post because the forum functions SUCKS BAD!