how can i fix this computer?

I recently obtained my mother-in-law's old computer. a couple weeks ago I installed anti-spyware, a firewall, and antivirus on it. this is where things get fuzzy.

well, apparently she didn't like all the security warnings from the firewall, so she deleted it. at some point after that (she's not sure), the computer stopped booting up. I'm not exactly sure what other dumb shit she may have done.

it's Windows ME, and now I can't do anything with it. when you start it up, it goes to a light blue screen, a "error with SMC.exe" popup comes up, and then you can't do anything. task manager shows nothing running, and all you can do is restart. starting in safe mode is the same story. I took out the hard drive and scanned it on my computer, no viruses found.

should i say fuck it and just use the recovery disk?

You should format and use any other OS than Windows ME.

"it's Windows ME" I think I found your problem, j/k

Yeah seriously WinME is the worst OS MS has put out. I'd personally take Win98SE over it b/c I've had WAY fewer problems with Win98 then I have with WinME. Formatting it and putting another OS on there should be done in the future, however for right now that's not the real problem. Since you said you've already taken out the hard drive, I'd go a head and put it as a slave drive on your other computer and then back up whatever data is needed (don't forget browser bookmarks, modem phone numbers and ISP information, etc). Once everything is backed up I'd put it back in the other machine (make sure to set the jumper back to Master), then go a head and fix it (or at least try to) since you have everything backed up you don't have to be worried if something goes wrong and all the data is lost. However, if it was my computer and I could do what I wanted with it, after backing it up I'd then install Win2k or WinXP on it, but that's just me.

Also what firewall were you using? I believe, SMC.exe is Sygate Personal Firewall, but I could be wrong. How did she delete it? Did she actually go through the uninstall or did she just delete the file? If she just deleted the file while the drive is a slave on your other computer you might just wnat to put the file/directory back and see what the system then does.

Sorry i can't help you more right now but I'm so tired and jet-lagged right now that I can't really focus. Hopefully someone else can help you more, ttt

What TOki said, the it was pointed out in an amazing manner by sicko, and zayex hax0red the correct using a DDOS attack and weak microsoft security.