How can I put a mp3 in frontpage??

I am tring to put an mp3 in frontpage. I go to the part where I can put it in and there is no .mp3 option and I don't want a 35 meg .wav file for people to download. How do I do this? I figured this would be easy, but I can't find where to do it. Please help me!!!!

Step 1:

Upload the file to your host

Step 2:

Create a link to the file in frontpage

Step 3:

Buy Dreamweaver and get a book on HTML


So there is no way to do this? I just am setting a page and running IIS so that people can download large files from me. The page will sit locally.

Put the f'n file in a web directory, then you can create a link to it on a webpage

good luck

No, I think you are not understanding me (or I am not explaining it correctly). I want the .mp3 to play in the background without anyone having to click on it to play. I want it as background music when they hit the page. I know how to do it with a .wav, but the .wav is 35 meg, and it would take someone 5 min to download it before it starts playing. Know what I mean? Thanks for the help.

Okay, I have dreamweaver 2004 (Studio 2004). Now what? All I want to do is to have a .mp3 play in the background. I can't imagine that this is that hard. Please help me out! Thanks again

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