How can I stay logged in?

With hotmail, I can stay logged in, with other forums I visit I can stay logged in... so I can just go back to the site and enjoy my forum.With this stie i'm logged out everytime I come back, I keep forgetting, then, I click on a vote thread, it says I must be logged in to vote. Well, there's not link at the bottom to login and when i click the one at the top left I then lose my page and can't find that thread again.Then I scroll up the frame at the right to login and I login and I lose where the heck the vote poll was therefor making me lose the thread I wanted to interact in.Is there anyway to just say logged into this site via a cookie or something like that so everytime I visit this site which is 4-5x per day I don't have to login every single time?

 I want to know, too.  I just can't believe a guy could have 30,000+ posts doing what I'm having to do.

BTW, I have the "remember me" box checked.