How can I surf the web privately?

When I'm at work, I want to be able to hit up the OG and Myspace.

How can I do it without anyone know I'm doing it?

Please keep in mind that I'm partially retarded, so I need a lot of help.


Try using a proxy server. They allow you to make an indirect connection with another site.

they make a screen you put ovr you monitor. It only alows you to see whats on the screen when you sit right in front of it. I was at my bank the other week and i was right next to the computer that the clerk was using and could not see a thing.

They are made for laptops so check in that section of the electronics store.

As for software, i have no idea. but another you can do is open up multiple pages. Depending on you web browser it pretty easy. AOL sucks, But i use internet explorer. Just hit that little E symbol again and second, functional page opens up. One page can be on the og and when some one walks in just click the other page and mapquest can be there.

Sami, hypothetically speaking, how might one do that on a work computer?

My friend wants to know.

gokuryu, not quite what i meant.

i'm the only one working when i'm on shift.

how can i prevent other co-workers from knowing what i've looked at?

There is no IT staff.

If I don't know what Anonymizer is, its incredibly unlikely that my boss does.

If there is no IT staff dont worry about being tracked. Even if its like 4 guys the chances of them actually auditing your movements are none.

do whatever.

I'm with Isaac. I work IT for a living, and we use a web filtering tool that monitors, logs and can run reports on websites visited, which is visited most, longest, and who's doing the surfing.

Do I have time to look at these reports as part of my daily tasks? Hell no. Can I bring up logs and reports if HR or Senior Staff specifically asks -- yes. And that is what its for, IMHO.

I'm too busy loading paper into printers for ID10Ts and showing them how to Fn+F8 to get their power point up to the LCD projector.

Don't get me wrong, I love my herd! =)

Do what SteveW does and get a chinaman to do your surfing for you..

Are web sites blocked, or are you just afraid people might find out where you've been surfing?

im with jeeper. I work in it and there is no way in hell anyone has time to "periodically" seach through every packet of information sent on the internet.

If someone requests some records...we're good to go. But for everyday surfing just clear your cache and cookies and your set.

Do like I do: Don't give a fuck.


Ok, Meathook and I figured it out on IM.

I just downloaded Firefox and will use that and keep it hidden.

Our Default Browser is Explorer.

Thanks for the feedback.

Sami, I just didn't want my Boss to know I was on the OG and Myspace. I'm not looking at Porn here or anything like that (at work).

Samatikan, I like your style. We could all learn a lot from you.

And Ferox, please ship me a Chinamen at your earliest convenience. Thanks.

Sounds like in your situation you can just clear the history, cache, and saved form information when you leave.

What a stupid question.

Of course we cybered.

Did you Cipher?


A follow on question for you IT guys.

I've been using a company laptop for over a year now while traveling on business and at home. I erase my history all the time, but is it correct to assume that my company IT staff have probably "established" files that will keep track of every site that I have opened ? Files that I have been blocked from accessing ? Searching around the admin files, I have come across a few that have lead me to this conclusion. It just seems like it would be standard industry practice. In other words, I think I am screwed ! LOL