how can you even compare this weekends PPV's

You have some ok fights from UFC and you have 2 legends boxing each other. 1 can be argued as P4P kind and the other an argument can be made for the toughest little sob ever. This would be better than and UFC but fedor/randy or lesnar.
I am a MMA fan first and Tyson's biggest nut hugger but this could be a freaking war. Im picking boxing. I think even if boxing wasnt on, this isnt much of a UFC ppv.
flame away

You are right about this being a weak UFC PPV but you are wrong about it being a great boxing PPV. Manny vs Mayweather is a great fight, this is a lot less interesting.

Boxing = 1 interesting fight.

MMA = 4 interesting fights (would have been 4 if it wasn't for swick) and a bunch of other fights that could be very entertaining.

That being said, I'll be finding a way to watch both this weekend with MMA being live and Boxing being watched on Sunday.

Also the boxing under card is legitimately solid. Juarez-John II plus Katsidis-Escobedo.

UFC 103 is an average card, imo. I'm going boxing.

^ agreed. i already bought the UFC and i'll probably stream the boxing.

As skilled as Marquez is, it's going to be a clear-cut Mayweather victory. Marquez is a notoriously slow starter and once he falls behind early, he's going to be forced to become more aggressive and initiate an attack, which will play right into Mayweather's hands.

Mayweather will be patient, methodical and intelligent. Marquez is moving up two weight classes to meet Mayweather, who will not only be bigger but also quicker and he possesses superior hand speed.

I greatly appreciate Mayweather's technical style and am a huge fan of his but am still undecided as to which PPV I'm going to watch live and which one I'm going to catch on replay.

The UFC card is no better than decent but I don't see Marquez vs. Mayweather being a competitive bout.

 Don't be a baby

While I don't agree with it being better than Fedor/Lesnar I still think it's interesting as f#ck and will be watching Floyd vs Juan live and download ufc later.

I expect Marquez to push the pace early to put rounds 1-3 in the books against a rusty mayweather.

 Whatever interest I have in boxing is far outweighed by the desire to never pay or see a cent of my money to go Floyd Mayweather.

not a very interesting fight. as good as JMM is id rather see PBF fight a legit welterweight rather than a natural featherweight.