How can you not love Mousasi?

Never any stupid mean mugging.

Talks almost no junk, yet talks big time with his fighting. Very few guys have this combo.

His stare downs might be the best in MMA, since no one looks like they could possibly give less of a shit.

Has fought from MW all the way up to HW/Openweight.

Offers a guy he just beat a rematch, when he is not obligated to in the slightest.

Dude is awesome.

He also told his team to shut up and not cheer after the fight ended

Big fan. 

Much respect to Moose. No bs, telling his guys to stop celebrating because he knew what happened was bs. Hopefully they rematch

Love the Moose. 

TheBearStare - He also told his team to shut up and not cheer after the fight ended
Boss move.

I thought Mousasi also fought at WW.

2nd fave behind McGregor...interesting combo

Been a big fan for a long time now. No antics, just great fighting.

UFC letting him walk would make me sick.

Big fan of the Moose.

Yeah I'm a Weidman fan and I have tons of respect for moose after the way he handled himself and his team after the fight.

He is definitely one of my favorite fighters.


Agreed. War moose. Big fan of weidman too but moose was all class as usual tonight. Sucks that this fight had no true winner due to the incompetence of new york mma

Buffalo boo'd the man. Ungrateful degenerate fucks

Love him and his style 

Great fighter/person

if you don't like Mousasi, I don't want you as my friend.

Moose must have moose balls

"is it my nationality? Do you want me to dye my hair blonde? What the fuck!"