How can you tell if contacts are inside out.

I googled but I'm not certain. Just got my first pair but they're teaching me tomorrow. I don't feel like I'm seeing any better. Phone Post 3.0

Your dik will appear closer than it actually is Phone Post 3.0

If they're soft contacts they'll feel like a piece of sand in your eye and will not stay in place.  


If they're hard contacts and you don't know if they're inside out or not, you're retarded.  

depends on what brand you have but i believe most brands have some text printed on the rim of the lens if you hold it up to a light. I think mine are Alcon something or another and thats how i tell.

Place contact on your finger. Gently push one side. If the opposite side curls in as well, then it's the right way. If it doesn't, then it's inside out. Phone Post 3.0

You can tell by looking at the edge of the contact and looking at the angle. Look at it both ways and you should be able to tell which one is curved more. The way with more of a curve/shape is the right way. If it's inside out it should almost want to pop back the other way and should be flatter.

It'll fall out Phone Post 3.0

you can usually tell when you blink. feels like you got sand in your eye.

Mine have a "123" printed on them. Not visible, but if you look close enough they're there. If it's inside out, obviously the 123 will be backwards.

Also, when my contacts are inside out they look completely different from when they're right side in. The edges kind of flare out a bit Phone Post 3.0

Check out this link:

The picture is key, as is the text "before placing a contact lens on your eye, make sure it looks like half a ball, not a soup bowl with a rim." That's the only way I can ever tell.

You can usually tell by how it feels in your eye. It won't be comfortable if it's inside out. Also it should fold easily in your hand and look like a taco shell - if it's inside out it won't fold easily.

If it's inside out it will feel like an eye lash or sand in your eye. If it's not then use this picture.


Stick a pencil in your eye. If they are in correctly, you will be protected. Phone Post 3.0