How come Khabib is the only MMA GOAT that anyone gives a shit about?

Let’s be honest, Jones, GSP, Silva, Mighty Mouse ect. are broke nobodies compared to Khabib. He has more clout and a bigger following than all of them combined.

Khabib’s face is lighting up World Cup hosting cities and GSP signs autographs at fan expos is Quebec.

Khabib is worldwide superstar big, Jones is Albuquerque big.

You get the picture.

Is it because of his charisma, unbeaten aura, or the fact that he has extended his time in the limelight as the best coach in MMA?

Help me out here guys. It might piss people off but you all know it’s true.

UFC Champ Demetrious Johnson Talks His Other Career: Streaming Games On  Twitch - Game Informer

UFC champion Georges St-Pierre meets Montreal fans - YouTube

1d – 18 Dec 22

The muslim world is desperat for openly muslim athletes that supports and legitimitet the old powerstructure and culture… they Will ofc magnify khabib…


Lets be honest you just want to suck some cavedick.

Khabib is popular in Qatar and GSP isn’t no shit.

Can you see your tonsils seeing the way your head is so far up your own ass?


It seems like there’s a lot of countries Khabib is more popular than GSP in.

All of them.


Mighty Mouse and gsp are dorks, Anderson and Jones are cheaters. Khabib is an admirable champion who is helping the next generation of fighters become champions.

Also, going out as champion opens more doors for you than going out like Anderson did. Anderson ruined his legacy by not retiring earlier and losing to Jake Paul.


Half of the world are Muslim. Other than dwarfs, Canadians and gymnasts, nobody has anything in common with the other two…

Lol you guys should ignore op’s threads or posts, the pattern is clear


He beat macgregor

Gsp said khabib is best too

He beat McTapper, and then gave us one of the most memorable moments in UFC history



The ufc will never admit it but khabib doing that was easily one of the best things to ever happen to the ufc lol

True its his best win, pathetic bubble record

How did he even land that, knees must have taken a pounding :rofl:

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Beat prime RDA. Former champ Dustin. And former WSOF champ Justin.

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Yeah, and laquinta then he won lw title

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Blaming Khabib because Max failed to make it to the octagon.

That 70S Show Lol GIF by Laff

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That’s what makes GSP great. He’s humble. Prime GSP could take him, imo.

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If Khabib was so good why did he retire? Chicken?

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