How Come No Bobby Lashley in SF Grand Prix?

Is his contract up? I would think he would of made a great reserve.

I'm not disapointed at all that he's not even a reserve.

He pretty much died in the ring the last time they used him.

Not sure how good that'd look for their epic Grand Prix.

Because everyone in the GP would crucify him.

Well, I think if he wanted to be taken seriously after coming off a loss this would of been a great challenge for him.

Everyone on the list has pretty established credentials or at least a major name win, in Brett's case. Lashley has a lot of potential, but has not had any big wins to put him on that level yet.

 Is this a joke?

Lashley does not have a lot of potential, sorry BigWilliam.

This isn't a freak, abhorrent mega-athlete case like Lesnar we're talking about. Just a guy who has a lot of muscles and wrestled in the NAVY like over a decade ago.

I would have much rather had Daniel Cormier, Tim Sylvia, or Shane del Rosario in the tournament (in place of Rogers) before Lashley.

You should be asking about Cormier

^^ Good point.

This is a joke thread

LOL at my thread being a joke.

im not even sure hed be competetive with rogers and hes got to be the underdog in the tourney. theres some serious talent in this tourney and bobby lasley doesnt deserve to be in the same sentence as some of them. no disrespect to lashley who will someday be a great fighter but this is for the best prime fighters right now.

magwibs - This is a joke thread

Cormier or Rosario is a legit contender for a reserve fight, imo.

 Sylvia woulda been a great addition.

They gotta keep him healthy for Bautista!

 he should be fighting Hershal Walker next

He doesn't want to die he still has a lot to live for Phone Post

Heddy - 

Is his contract up?

 Yep, and he's basically priced himself out of the MMA business.