How could you Kirk?

I have counted myself as a fan of yours for a while now, and anybody with an eye for the sport knows you have skills. The biggest fight of your life, a chance to showcase your skills to the world. And you show up at a career high of 260 lbs and walk around the ring before the fight like youre in a coma? I was watching at the bar with an old timer and during the entrances he told me that maybe someone got to you with an offer you couldnt turn down. Maybe hes right. If you were injured and couldnt train, you shoulda pulled out. Your performance was an embarrasment to yourself, your family, your country, and the sport. I think you can redeem yourself with hard work, but I seriously doubt you will ever have the kind of opportunity that you had Saturday night.

After that showing other fighters in the top 20 will look to fight him and pick up a name on their records. If he gets himself at 240 he can beat one of these guys and get himself back in the top 10. Lamon Brewster is going to fight for the WBO title. Elecir Castillo,Ray Austin and Owen Beck are in their top 15. If he beats one of them or a Mount Whitaker or Micheal Moorer he is back in the hunt. Jones is probably retiring after a TYson fight and Lewis is finished now or at the end of 2004. This is a weak division. Him becoming a contender again is not farfetched.