How did BARONI vs SAKURAI fight go?

How did PHIL BARONI do on the big stage in Japan again vs Sakurai?

Lost by unanimous decision.

anywhere I can see this fight?

Baroni v Sakurai

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Baroni v Sakurai

Thank you


Baroni is awesome always brings it hope onefc has him fight again love the soccer kicks from nyba

The fight had a bit of everything. I thought Phil did really well.

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Baroni v Sakurai

been looking around for these, vote casted

GIF or vid of Sakurai Baroni?

i posted it here yesterday, yet i am too late to be the hero on this thread.

son of a diddly!

cool to see enson in his corner


Baroni would of got the W in the UFC

I thought Baroni did much better then the announcers were giving him credit for... Phone Post

baroni seemed to come out slow. maybe to conserve energy but looked like he fought a strategic and tactical fight till the end. 

according to the announcers sounded like he got the ol Japanese screw job

was told 173 then had to cut to 168, overcut to 167

I thought it was a pretty close fight.

I was wondering what weight and can't imagine him getting down to 168.

One of the MMA webistes called the fight a sloppy fight between 2 aging veterans. Still classic matchup of two great warriors.

Good fight, last minute really let Baroni down, great to see two of my favourites still ready to throw down. Phone Post

Japanese screw jobs piss me off.

Sock of Slaw - Japanese screw jobs piss me off.

They're so much worse than American or Brazilian screw jobs. Phone Post