How did Danny Steele look at ROTR?

Anyone see him? I heard he was out of shape but didn't see any pics.

What's the word.

Did he fight? I have an interesting story about this guy...

I went to a Hollywood movie set a long time ago to escort a lady friend of mine and he was one of the martial arts actors of this film. It was an HBO pilot. Any way, I shook his hand and was very polite to him and all he could do was talk about himself like he was the second coming. He said he was going to fight in the upcoming show "Ultimate Pancration" and I asked him if he had been training submissions so he would know what to do if he got taken down and he told me that yes he knew submissions because he had been training with Mark Kerr. He also said that he wasn't worried about submissions because he wouldn't ever tap out anyway. I was a nice guy and told him to be really careful if someone gets a hold of his foot and starts twisting it under there armpit because it can do horrible damage to his knees and he said he didn't care, he would never tap to a foot lock. In all of my time I have never met a fighter so arrogant. At the end of the night he had managed to toot his own horn more than Ken Shamrock, Phil Baroni, and Tank Abbot combined. To this day I would love to fight him.

Bug Eye, can't believe that you joined the darkside as well and started to post here.

"he did fight to a draw. it was a 3 round fight. he didn't look good from what i've heard. he threw mean leg kicks but his punching was horrible (in my opinion) don't know if he was training but he didn't look to be in shape. there was a lot of clinching and mostly leg kicks. i wasn't impressed, maybe he just stepped in to fight last minute. who knows."

Naw... Danny's known about this fight. He's also had a lot going on in his personal life, things I'm not going to get into on a forum like this. Me and him train at the same place, hardly together, but he's an incredible on his feet... for anyone to say he's out of shape, hurts me personally... he was very very excited about his opportunity at ROTR. Shit must be horrible for him right now.

"Any way, I shook his hand and was very polite to him and all he could do was talk about himself like he was the second coming."

Hahahahahaha... Danny "Hard As" Steele... sometimes his head earns that nickname on it's own. hahahaha

I've met him a few times at the House Of Champions. Awesome kickboxer and boxer. Don't know how he looked at ROTR, but I know he has alot of potential.

Gerald - When was this? I remember being at HOC about 10 months ago and he was'nt to uppity up on the whole "jiu-jitsu/ grappling" aspect of fighting. He said he knew it, but not that well.... I remember him saying that it was his weak point. He is about 185 if I'm not mistakened? Why don't you fight him? I got a buddy that trains over there on a regular and can put in a word if ya like. I'd love to see that!

Btw, who did he fight at ROTR? Anybody know where the coverage on ROTR is {Pics, write ups, etc.)??

I would fight him at anyweight class as long as its in a cage. He can come in at what ever weight he wants to. I never predict fights but I can tell him right now I would stick him in the cage and dump him with a double leg and then it would be over shortly. It wouldn't hurt him a bit! I would drop everything I am doing to take this fight. Tell him I said I am down and if he wants a fight I am always ready.I am in Switzerland right now but I will be back in three weeks. Just so you know I respect his standup and I have seen him fight. I was at his Matee fight about 6 months ago. He is a very legit stand up fighter but I would easily beat him in a cage. Please set this up if you can, I would jump at the opportunity to choke the life out of Danny "Hard as" Steele

i saw cung le beat him. got the tape somewhere...

Hey Gerald...

HUGE congrats on bein' the first guy EVER to pull off the TWISTER in MMA...
A lot of us in Hawaii have been waiting to see who's gonna' do it first...
We've all been trying to do it to each other since we got Eddie's DVD... lol

Look forward to seeing more of you in the future...

Arrogancy is such a foul trait. I hope Gerald beats the shit outta him and humbles that guy a little.

He looked terrible. If the ref wasn't breaking them up every time they got into a clinch he would have gotten kneed to death. He had some good leg kicks but his punches looked toughman level. He's lucky the ref didn't know how to ref a muay thai fight. He wanted more action but the whole time Steele was eating knees to the stomach.

Gerald - consider it done. Got an email address?

Steele's Thai fight with Melchor Menor on an old
Superbrawl (96 or 97 I think) was an amazing fight.

He's an amazing standup fighter. No question about it.

Is he the guy that owned Steele Town Kickboxing in Marina Del Rey?


Danny looked good, and I have known him for a long time, and he has always been very nice to me. He has never come off as arrogant to me.

But then again... I am the Pit Master.

Ghost: Since you train with Steele, what's his side of the story on his no-show for the fight with Smandych in Canada?

Strebendt vs Steele would be an interesting MMA match, I hope it happens.

He won at ROTR... a clean sweep. He won all 3 rounds.

mcquaid: Steele & Menor fought one another 3 times. The Super Brawl match was their first.

DOGGx0: You probably know by now who Steele fought, but just in case you don't know yet it was Canadian kickboxer Melvin Murray.