How did Erikson do so well (K1)?

In his fight against Mike Bernardo. It just amazes me that a guy with such little training could knock down a world class kickboxer.

(edited: Initially I accidentally typed LeBanner)

holmes needs to be in the GP

It was Mike Bernardo.

He fought Mike Bernardo, not Lebanner. Bernardo has been on a huge slide the last few years and is only a shadow of his former self.

Well, first off, Bernardo still KO'ed him in the first round, and Bernardo has never been known for his chin, even at his best. Erickson is a big, strong dude and he did a nice greco throw on Mike early in the fight, that might have thrown Mike off as well.


Erikson was also KO'd by Japanese K-1 fighter Hiromi Amada, who is not even close to being the best K-1 has to offer.