How did MacDonald Look??

How did Jason MacDonald look against Rory Singer?

He had some ugly takedown attempts... no level changes, kind of bumrush?

Rory looked pretty good on the feet. Once they hit the mat, it was pretty even... It looked like Rory was close to locking a really tight triangle at the end of round one.

2nd Round, same bad takedown attempt, gets Rory down. Rory's guard looks pretty good, till MacDonald usesa can opener to open his guard up, really nicely done, then gets a high mount on Rory and starts to unload.


like he was fighting a mirror image. Pretty good fight but his fights with the other TUF guys were better.

To me he's kind of a dork.

He seemed a little sluggish and maybe overconfident imo. Maybe did not take Rory seriously during training or had an injury?

Good, in the second round.

He was being taken to school in rd 1 by Rory. MacDonald is a very one dimensional fighter. He is only a journeyman type fighter in UFC, definitely not any kind of top contender.

"He is definitely in ther top 5 or 6."

Hi Jason.

Agreed, Macdonald is a Journeyman fighter, but definitely no top contender. Rory did look much improved but fell a little short.

Much better than a journeyman so far. The guy has had an awesome start so far in the UFC. You can't even be called a journeyman at this point in his career. If he is still at the same point in another year or 2 then yeah he'll be a journeyman.