How did Nate Diaz lose to Oishi?

I assume its because he was a little green in 05' when that fight happened....The Oishi I saw vs. his brother didn't look too impressive. Did anyone see the fight vs Nate?

Oishi is a pretty good fighter who had a really stupid gameplan when he fought Nick. Oishi has good hands, good wrestling, and he's damn near impossible to submit. I really don't remember his fight with Nate, though... I'll pop in the tape tomorrow and check it out, perhaps.

Oishi fought a bad counter fight where he tried to block Nick's punches by punching Nick's hands instead of paryying, blocking or moving his head.

He was very stiff, with little movement and Nick completley overwhelmed Oishi and beat him up.

I think most of us have seen the fight with Nick,i think Kramnik asked about the fight with Nate.

Oishi is a lay and pray fighter. I haven't seen the Diaz fight, but most of his other fights I've seen were snoozefests.

Q. How did Nate Diaz lose to Oishi ?

A. Because EvilYoshida was one of the judges. Extra points for asians.

Can you imagine if CRE, EvilYoshida, and Cecil Peoples were the judges for a fight? God... I'd have to say Cecil Peoples was the voice of reason, and I never thought that could be possible ;)

best line of the fight (Oishi vs Nick Diaz) was Rogan describing Oishi's calmness saying it was like he's on Heroine or something!

Can't find the tape. Oh well.

"Oishi is a lay and pray fighter. I haven't seen the Diaz fight, but most of his other fights I've seen were snoozefests."

He was a lay and pray fighter for a long time, but has become a bit of a brawler lately. Check out his record recently. He's kill or be killed now, either winning by KO or losing by KO.

His early career was dreadful to watch, though. Ugh.

he forgot to use his reach..

Dan, was it mostly standup with Oishi chipping away for a decision win? I seem to remember Oishi getting a couple takedowns and absolutely nothing happening on the mat, and Oishi landing light punches standing while evading Nate's counters. Is that right?