How did Ron not crush everyone?

My theory is that we're in the wrong parallel universe. Somewhere out there is the correct universe where Ron Paul won. We're in that fucked up alternate one where he lost.

tremendous quote by Benjimen Franklin


perfect words. solid clear policy.


all aging and dying and being diluted as he fades into memory.


game fucking over.

I predict clinton and bush lose tge primary and instead run as a clinton/bush independant ticket. Hillary will be pres first term and jeb vice. 2020 they switch spots, switch again in 2024 and then again in 2028...but I would be dead from stabbing myself on the eyes with a fork in good luck with that

I feel like no matter who is in charge, we are already FUBAR Phone Post 3.0

I like how when the, "moderator" jumps in and asks Ron if we should take our marching orders from Al Qaeda, Ron instantly counters, smashes his face, and pushes his shit in.

Another Paul...

I like the way he questions the feds as an American citizen as opposed to a Senator.

good questions by rand, but jeh handled them well

He would have been a great president. I wish he were up next Phone Post 3.0

The re-founding father Phone Post 3.0