How did Russell Brand become a voice of reason?

What the fuck? Like how did he become a central voice of fucking reason? If you told me this 10 years ago I’d have told you to fuck right off.


Red pilled hard


He grew the fuck up!


He wrote a book, my booky wooky, a long while ago. I never read it but my mate did and said it’s good. Personally I think I’d last 5 minutes before I smacked the cunt.

Not a fan. Prefer old Gregg.

old gregg mighy boosh GIF

I know what you mean, I couldn’t stand him early on but now I’m a fan. I wish I had more time to listen to his videos but my job, life and the OG get in my way!! I’m pretty sure he’s still liberal, like he’s concerned about the environment and other issues that typically fall within the left, but he’s VERY awake to all of the globalist nonsense that is happening.

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