How did Schultz win Superbrawl?

I was following the reports here and it looked like he won his first fight with a decision, then his last fight by a tko (I read he dislocated the guy's jaw). In the gym I was told he won fight #2 by RNC. Sherdog has posted that all fights were decisions which I can't really believe because that is not Ryan's style. The SB website is not updated. What really happened?

I beleive Sherdog is simply incorrect. The play by plays I've read also said RNC in the 2nd fight, TKO (dislocated jaw by a knee I beleive) in the finals.

Props to Ryan for a big tournament win.

thanks Brad we need to send you to these fights to get the real scoop! I understand that the hacks at Sherdog have zero writing ability, but is it too much to ask that they get their facts straight? I wonder if they are trying to make TQ look bad or if they are just ignorant....?

everyone makes mistakes, probably just a simple mistake.

For what it's worth, they've now corrected it in the fight finder.

I'd love to get to more events to do some fight coverage. :)

first fight vs Mike Aina(a very, very tough individual) - split decision

second fight vs Deshaun Johnson(took the fight on 4 hr notice!) - rear naked choke

third fight vs Roger Huerta - knee to jaw = tko

props to Roger Huerta. Great kid with alot of potential, still very young.

Ryan and Roger were awesome that night. We all hungout afterwards.

*edited due to error on first fight. It was a SPLIT decision, not a unanimous one.*

In my eyes Ryan Shultz should have lost the first fight to Bj Penns Mike Aina who only had one fight. Mike was clearly landing and hurting ryan with every punch. Ryan didn't impress me at all. Mike was beating Ryan to the punches and landing some nice combinations that staggered Ryan and also he landed some nice kicks to Ryans face. Not to mention those nasty leg kicks that Ryan was not even checking. SuperBrawl Robbed Mike of his first fight. The crowd booed when the judges scored the fight, I mean really Booooed!!!!

clubfighter, I'm sure Aina is a tough, tough dude. But I have a hard time beleiving he did as much damage as you claim he did, since Ryan went on to finish 2 more opponents in the same night. He must not have been hurt that bad. Give credit where credit is due.

Of course the crowd booed the decision, Aina is a hometown fighter. In a close fight, they're going to be rooting for the hometown guy. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the fights, wish I could have. But I'm sure we'll be seeing more of both Schultz and Aina in the future...the Superbrawl tourneys seem to be a good proving ground for up and coming fighters.