How did they match up fights on TUF?

Does anyone know how they decided the fight match ups on this season? If they said, I missed it and was curious.

Thanks!!!! :)

I read on one of the blogs @ that dana white had the guys line up and just picked guys to fight each other. Or at least that was my interpration(sp?) of what happened

Double check at to be for sure. (I dont have time at work right now or else I would for you)

 It seemed like guys with similar records fought each other.  I hope that wasnt the way to pick the fights though.

It says in Nick Klein's blog that it was random.

I have read that it is random, but i highly highly doubt it.

didnt Dana say that the matches were already set, when the guys got there?

Thanks everbody!! It came up and I couldn't recall. I have read that it was random but I just couldn't imagine that they'd not put more effort into matching up the guys than pulling a name out of a hat!