How Did U Know You'r In For Good?

In the service that is? I've had like the worst week of my life over here in Iraq. I just sent two of my buddies to Walter Reed.

Fucking sucks, but as I sit here in the safest of all places in this country I've got this old guy to my right who's probably over 50yrs old and is wearing a long and short tab. It makes me think that I'm still scared shitless sometimes that I might not make it back home when I go on patrol, but maybe it's worth sticking in this military for the long haul.

I keep thinking maybe I should just take the job I had slated with the DEA before I got activated when I get back. I mean fuck these people 80% of the pop. don't care enough to stand up, and 20% hate us. Still there's this other side of me that wants to stay here and help.

It funny I look at all of these hooha hooha SF cats, and they look and act just like the jump out boys back home. I just don't know what or why this life?