How Did What We Know as 'MMA Style" Begin?

and when did it happen? When did douching it up become acceptable? Did cornball tin foil shirts in size smedium, horrible faux hawks, bad tattoos and other indicators of the MMA lifestyle come from out of nowhere or did you see a slow build.

In the mid 90's on the East Coast the guys who trained and were big MMA fans seemed like a fairly regular bunch. Some wrestler/jock types, guys who loved martial arts and dedicated their lives to it, pro wrestling fans (they liked the fights, not the training part) and some lost soul punk rock scene jumpers. There were no fake Brazilian accents or douchy stereotypes.

Late 90's early 2000's and some Guidos, meat/juice heads and grappling tourny 'gangs' were everywhere. It got shitty really fast, but it was an old school kind of Guido, not the Jersey Shore type.

By this time the MMA Lifestyle look must have happened on the west coast. It looked like an apprentice tattoo artist had 24 free hours to do their worst, guys went to a barber and said "don't make me look like a dickhead" and all the barber heard was "make me look like a dickhead" and then all the 'awesome' fightwear shirts.

Years after the prototypical MMA douche came to be, the style trickled down to regular 'bags who like goofy hair, tight shirts and looking 'badass'

Does anyone remember how this came to be?


jellyman - TUF

Good point. it took regional doucheiness and spread it worldwide

Ginger Whiner IMO

Boned By Jones - Ginger Whiner IMO

it means the same thing. whinger=whiner in the uk.

Boned By Jones - Ginger Whiner IMO

Sorry Edy Hardy, I didn't mean it in a bad way. Keep it douchy.