How did you figure out what to do with your life?

Find something that you love doing that you can make money at. What do you think about most throughout the day? Phone Post 3.0

My kid kind of figured it out for me. As far as my career, it was pure luck. Technically I'm highly unqualified for what I do and what I get paid.. technically, but I git er done.

I was working at Walmart in the produce department in 96.... Had a very shitty day at work and when I got home an Air Force recruiter called me asking if I ever thought of joining. I signed up that day. 18 1/2 years later and I am about ready to retire from the Air Force.

Keep pursuing things that you find interesting and you should end up where you want to be. Also, keep in mind that life is dynamic and your needs/goals/desires may shift every now and then. Try to stay happy while you travel from one point to the next.

Another option,work a shit job while pursuing what you love and hope you can make money doing it one day. This happens to be my situation. Dropping eveything to pursue a dream is fine and dandy if you're young and have friends or family that will put you up if need be. Otherwise you need something to pay for rent and food.

When I grew up, I wanted to be a Hippo...

Dreams do come true. Phone Post 3.0

Fake it 'til you make it

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The fact I spend pretty much every hour that I'm not in the gym or working watching tv made me realise I want to work behind the scenes in tv production.

I'm working on it on a part time basis, outside of work, bit by bit getting the experience I need so I can start applying for actual employment in the industry. It's hard, man. But I refuse to accept that I'm gonna work in a job I don't love for the next 40 years. Phone Post 3.0

I'm 29, I haven't quite figured it out but I think I'm on the right path. Only 3 major detours so far. Phone Post 3.0

Like many I happened into my work, albeit a bit begrudgingly.

Grew up on a ranch & family also owned a pump company(line shaft turbines, stacked centrifugal, etc...). Started working on the farm at 9 and the pump co at 14. Picked up many useful skills but decided that neither was for me.

After running out of money and putting college on "hold" half way through I picked up a gig traveling the west coast building & servicing power plants(outages). Pay was great & it used the skills that I had previously learned but the travel began to suck & the job really wasn't any "fun".

After talking with operators from several different plants I decided to become an operator. Brushed up on my test taking a bit and started applying. Landed my first operator job in Jan '07 and have been an operator ever since(OP1 Lead now).

I took a pay cut(still a bit north of 100/yr) for a job that was more tolerable than what I was doing & more stable for my family. Don't think a job exists that I would actually enjoy going to every day so this is what I settled for.

Oh yeah, I'm 37 now.

I fell in to a career as a security consultant, I never planned it, did various sales jobs and then when I was 24 I got an internal sales job selling security products to the trade,

It's a complex industry and as my experience grew I became more locked into it,

It's not a job I enjoy and something I am now trying to move away from, unfortunately having a successful career also means I've got a fairly large property and 2 kids pay for so it's proving a bit mor difficult than I thought Phone Post 3.0

flemingo - Quit your day job travel the world learn juijitsu
This is the only advice in my short life that has had any resounding impact
Not be yourself and people will like you
Not just say no
Not go to university so you can be employable
When i'm 40 i'm not going to be living in a house i can't afford, on fucking xanex, with a wife who's cheating on me and two kids that probably aren't mine who i'm impoverishing myself in order to send to college to get degrees that they won't use. I'm going to be on a small farm in the country with a house that i built, eating kangaroo that i shot and butchered while potatoes and carrots that i planted grow in the backyard i'll drive into town in my 10 year old car, teach at my small juijitsu acadamey that gives me enough money to pay for water and power. Fuck the internet fuck television and fuck being 500 thousand dollars in debt.
Fuck being ordinary IMO
How old are you now? Do you have money saved up?

I pretty much have the same plan as you. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks OP for making this. Having a shit day and been thinking all day about what I'm doing with my life. Gonna have a beer or three and thread this through. Phone Post 3.0

Learned from my mistakes the hard way shoulda took pops advise partying ,fighting and drugging may get you friends and stories but it wont make money Phone Post 3.0

As long as I can fap when I'm older IDGAF.

It's good to know I'm not the only one with this problem. I went to college for broadcasting couldn't find a job. I was offered a manager position in a retail store I've worked at since high school. A year later I had enough and decided to quit and go back to school for marketing. Phone Post 3.0

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After high school I joined the Marine Corps. Did my four years and went to college. I didn't really plan much, just living day-to-day. Graduated from college in 1999 and was trying to figure out what I wanted to do. Was looking to go back into the military, as I was looking for some type of adventure. Was watching the Discovery channel one night and they had a show about Coast Guard LEDETs in the Persian Gulf and I thought it looked interesting. Called the recruiter the next day, a month later I was in Coast Guard boot camp. 3 years later I applied for Officer Candidate School and got picked. Here I am 14.5 years later still doing it. Though I have promoted myself out of a lot of the fun jobs, and I am currently shining a seat with my ass in a payback staff tour, it was a great decision. I've had the opportunity to do a lot of fun stuff and the pay and benefits are great.

Still clueless. Just took a new job and absolutely hate it. I'm nauseous going to work every day. I'm 29 and work in business. I have never felt worse about my professional career in my life. Fuck. Phone Post 3.0