How Did You Like Drysdale Cradle DVD?

I remember him using the Cradle on Galvao some time ago and winning by rear choke..

Is there some arm in guillotine set ups on the dvd?

Are you referring to the ninth dimension DVD? Phone Post

 I use a couple of the things on there quite a bit.  I liked it. 

here is a review. i do not know of anyone that has it. but have been interested in it



-Cradle to half guard pass with sprawl

-Cradle to half guard pass with sprawl part 2

-Cradle to pass variation with brabo choke

-Cradle to side control

-Cradle to butt flop to pass part 2

-Cradle to guillotine

-Cradle to guillotine 2

-Cradle to pass to cradle

-Cradle to cradle

-Brabo choke with butt flop

-Brabo choke with butt flop 2

-Brabo to roll with sprawl

-The box

-The key to the box


Compared to other full DVD instructionals like ryan hall's for me, this one was not great. It runs through the positions and doesn't really truly teach you how to get there to begin with. Most people don't just give you the cradle. I watched a copy my friend bought so for free I thought that there was some good stuff. He obviously knows what he's talking about and i do like fluent English speakers doing instructionals but I would rate this one 2.5 out of 5

 I prefer his dreidle dvd. he shows you how he makes it out of clay. It rules.

MickColins -  I prefer his dreidle dvd. he shows you how he makes it out of clay. It rules.

 too ethnic

just watched the DVD

great material IMO

I've never seen clips Phone Post

The dvd teaches about 4 ways to pass a high level knee shield half guard once you have the cradle then goes into a hand full of submissions that Drysdale really adds some great details for that I have not scene before on other dvd sets or youtube vids ext.

My favorite part of the dvd is his mount transition and his side control transition from the cradle ...

The Box is the japanese necktie with some details that make the technique a choke instead of a crank,

This dvd is more like a seminar on how to pass and submit a high level half guard player.