How did you score the 3 morales-barrera fights?

all three of these fights were pretty close, very competitive. i will give you my thoughts, curious to see what everyone else thinks. if you are dildo or you gobble cawks, please do not bother posting, your are low intelligence and your opinions are not worth using as toilet paper for my butt jajaja.

First fight:

i did not see this fight until waaay after it happened. everyone called it a huge robbery, said barrera got robbed. i really like barrera, i saw this fight long after he beat the mierda out of hamed. so i was sure when i watched this fight i would agree and score it for barrera.

when i was done watching it, i was left wondering what the HELL everyone was talking about. it was a very competitive fight, but morales clearly, although very narrowly, pulled it off in my opinion. i think this fight when morales was steam rolling people, and when barerra gave him all he could handle people just assumed barerra won. a draw would have been ok, and it would not be a robbery to have given it to barerra, but i think morales deserved the win.

second fight:

morales won this fight clearly imo. it was again a close, competitive fight, but imo morales clearly won. i know many people think this.

third fight:

clear barerra victory. i was shocked when they announced the scores, i think one judge actually gave the fight to morales or had it a draw. it was a hard, tough fight, but barerra clearly won this one.

what does everyone (not including those mentioned with very low intelligence) think about these fights? you can tell me i am crazy, but that would make you crazy jajaja…

first fight was my favourite boxing match ever

yes it was EPIC. i am sad i did not see it until years after it happened. i regret that very much. how did you see the fights fish guy?