How did you score Volk/Ortega round 3?

Watching it live, I thought it was a clear Volkanovski round. But reading the fight thread it seems lots of people gave the round to Ortega.

There was the flash knockdown and two very close submission attempts. But for me, damage is first and foremost, and Volk’s ground and pound did far more damage than anything Ortega did in that round. At the end of the round Ortega had a hard time getting up and going to his corner… which was literally 2 feet away from where he was pounded.

And to those points I am not sure how to score submission attempts like chokes that dont finish. If Ortega blows out his arms and legs going after guillotines and triangle chokes, after the chokes who is more diminished?


Two close subs win a round for me, but It is pretty subjective.

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I honestly called it a draw myself. The knock down, submission attempts, ground damage, back and forth… just way too close to say there’s a clear winner.

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I gave it 10-9 to Volk, but I had it 10-9 Ortega with 30 seconds to go. 10-8 to Volk is wrong considering how close he came to being finished. But the damage he put on Ortega late swung it for me.

I thought the 2nd round was close up until the last minute as well.

I’m surprised no nutter has said Ortega 2,3 and 5.


I’ve read 1, 3, 5 to Ortega by some people.

I thought 1 was close. I scored just round 5 for Ortega. But if people are saying round 3 is Ortega’s than I can possibly see that 1, 3, 5.

But for me 1-4 Volk, 5 Ortega.

I had it the same way as you. I only watched it once in real time though. I’m usually decent at scoring fights live but I actually got a bit emotionality involved in that fight… First time in ages.

I felt the first and second were close but Volk pulled away in the last minute with more impactful work.

If I rewatched it, I might even give Round 5 to Volk as I’m not sure of the amounts landed, but Ortega had the biggest moments…

Anyway, I think Ortega deserves a ton of credit and for a 50-45 or 49-46 loss, it was as good a performance as I can remember. It just sucks for him that he has two of the best ever in the same weight class.

I feel this round was similar to Jones/Gustaffson I round 4 and GSP/Hendricks round 2.

In Jones/Gus, Gus was clearly winning that round until the 40 second mark when the spinning elbow almost all but finished him. Jones gets that round.

In GSP/Hendricks, Hendricks fires a punch that sends GSP backwards. GSP lights him up on the feet for the entire 2nd half of that round. I’d say GSP gets round 2, though many disagree.

Volk/Ortega, despite flashes of brilliance, Ortega ends the round getting pounded out. Ortega simply does not win that round at all, imo. It’s either 10-9 Volk or a 9-9 draw at best for Ortega.

I didn’t even really consider that a knockdown in that sense. I suppose he was “knocked down” but I didn’t think it was because he was rocked or flashed with a strike, but because his kick was caught and he was countered while on one foot. I could be wrong and I’ll have to watch it back. I had it 10-9 Volkanovski.

I gave every round to Volkanovski.

Scored it for Volk. Volk was off balance because Ortega caught his kick , I didn’t see it as an actual knock down. The fact that Ortega had to be helped up by his team after that round tells you who won the round. Two choke attempts vs brutal ground and pound that left an opponent unable to get up by himself speaks for itself in my opinion. The choke attempts didn’t damage volk at all , the ground and pound should have resulted in a TKO.

Yeah not a knockdown. Caught the kick and drove him backwards while throwing a punch. Superb transition to a mounted guillotine though. In real time live it looked so slick.

Ortega got beaten so badly he couldn’t get off the mat without help and was given an extra minute of rest by Herb. Volk won the round.

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I gave it to volk. Ortega had to be picked up onto his stool after the round and was laying there for a long time. Ortega clearly came out of that round in much worse shape than volk. It was back and forth so I have to give it to the guy who Took less damage.

I’ll have to watch it again once it’s on fight pass there’s no way I can remember every detail. Watching it live I was absolutely losing my mind it was so awesome lol

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How did you guys score Merab/Moraes round 1?

10-9 Moraes. He had like 4 knockdowns.

Coulda been 10-8 with those

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