How do fighters pay meds/therapy??

I am just wondering how professional fighters afford thier meds and therapy for thier training. I am currently seeing an ART specialist and it is 45 dollars per visit (6 dollars with insurance, but only have limited amount of visits). I heard that certain fighters have to go get treated like 3 times a week. How do they afford that?

I am going to have to do that as well if I plan to train professionally, and I just don't know how I am going to pay for that, is there any loopholes or methods or anything that they use to get that many treatment without going bankrupt?

In surgical bills alone, my grappling injuries have cost 10's of thousands of dollars already...


I am lucky enough to have a full time job with a great Medical Plan. I am not sure what an ART specialist is though.

I have medical, dental and an Rx co-pay. It all has come in very handy.

i say cash or credit.

it's the cost of doing business...paying dr, trainers, gym fees, etc

Hell, u can always find a DR. to sponsor'll be set

This is why you get a real job and not just try to make a living fighting.

Joe, the only one with the correct answer.

Canada has universal health care.

damn I guess I should take joe's advice :(

Yup, Joe is right. I can't tell you how many times my doctor has ask me, "what is it NOW?!!! you have to stop playing those "games"." HAHAHAHHA I've only recently started training BJJ, but injuries occur when you're really dedicated to something like this. I train usually six times a week, kickboxing on the weekends as well. Check ups, x-rays, MRIs, prescriptions, physical therapy... it all adds up to some major bills. I'm SO glad my job provides me with
health insurance.

ironbear please reread my post.

I have heard and or know personally about too many fighters whom have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars taking care of injuries. Ask Forrest Griffin or Phil Baroni about it to name just a few. It is quite the gamble in my opinion.

yea really is

I already spend more than 5k on injuries and I am only just recently 19 and am no where near making it yet...

Just wondering, how would you go about asking a doctor to sponsor you? And is it true that professional fighters and atheletes in general get free treatment in return for just making referrals or something?

Cash or Check or a credit card.


TTT for anyone that knows

So, on the fight night...does the organization cover medical bills that night? Or does the fighter have to cover that also?

I would like to sponsor fighters if they are in NJ area.

A lot of docs might not mind treating well known guys pro bono, as long as they get to plaster the guys' face everywhere in their office. I know pro wrestlers get a lot of fanboy MD's to give them meds and treatment pretty cheap, I don't think it's much of a stretch for MMA guys to be doing it now.

Blake, I also have to believe that as well. I have wrestled and fought all my life, and I have probably had a 300 dollars in medical bills.