How do i avoid turtling up?

I have a really bad habit of going straight to turtle whenever i get my guard passed...what should i do- drills, moves, etc.- to break this habit?

It's a good habit, not a bad one.

I'm of course assuming that you TRY your best to keep your guard, but once you feel that it's inevitable that he's going to pass your guard, go to your hands and knees and, this is important, try to escape from the right away and don't hang in the turtle position for too long. One simple move from the turtle is simply to regain guard (either by falling onto your side or doing a front roll).

It's better to turtle up than being side mounted. Just escape quickly (if you can) and avoid the 2 most dangerous threats from there, a) him getting both hooks in and b), the anaconda choke.

I concur with Jonpall. Turtle, grab a leg, sit back to guard, learn a few moves that you can do from the Turtle.

Also ask higher belts if there are other moves you need to learn to retain guard.

Don't stop at the turtle! When my guard is passed, I go to turtle, but it's just my transition to rolling back to guard. If you just sit there, they can consolidate position and keep you there. Watch this video. Jeff Glover does a beautiful job of constantly moving. Leo Vieira is always on the verge of passing, but never really gets the pass, because glover is constantly moving between turtle, open guard, inverted guard, and half guard.

Ron, thanks a lot for that link! One can learn a LOT from watching it.

damn, if the guy known for passing can't pass, you know glover is doing something right.... very smooth transitions, rolls, etc.

the turtle isnt the problem. your inexperience with it is. if you allow somebody to controll your hips or head while in a turtle then you are a dead fish in murky waters.

keeping your head and hips under your own control will allow you to attack, transition, move, defend, and most importantly develop a higher level game.

but, it is easier said than done. a lot of the things done from the turtle require a lot of guts, flexibility, "vision", imagination, and "feel." i think it is one of the hardest positions to get proficient at.

Thanks guys for the advice and encouragement...OK, im going to do that tonight while sparring and let you guys know how i did..peace