how do i buy rental properties?

  1. There is better financing available than 25% down. Not sure where you are but I have picked up two properties in the last 2 years with 5% down, stated income, NOO financing.

If you want to buy conventionally, check out

  1. NMD is usually "Terms Buying". It is done all of the time, in hot & cold markets. Try reading Robert Allen's "No Money Down for the 90's" to open your mind. You can also check out There are as many ways to buy without cash as there are houses available - Subject To, Lease Options, Wraps, etc. Find a local Real Estate investing club to get involved with. The connection with people that are actually doing it is invaluable.

Don't kick her too hard. Different lenders/brokers/underwriters have different requirements.

Try calling these guys:

A few helpful hints:

  1. With everybody trying to ride the housing wave, you have plenty of rookies out there with no experience. Try to find people that work with investors regularly - and have been in the business 5 or more years.

  2. Keep shopping until you find what you're looking for.

what state are you in? I am a Mortgage Officer and NO you dont have to put ANY money down. We work with over 40 lenders, and trust me there is a lender out there for just about every secenario you can think of.

right now im doing a 5% down condo conversion, complete No Doc, which means we got her the loan without having to verify any income.

so just make sure you work with the right Mortgage person, there will always be sharks who want nothing but your money, then there are others like myself, who want to give you the best deal possible, so you send your friends and family to me, you see?


TexasThai.........I'm in Tahiti, I'm an investor myself based in Tahiti, interested to work with me either in the US or here in Tahiti. Kind of a straightforward question but very sincere. I'll give you every information you ask......and a bed and some food when you come and visit!

In my experience, most lenders want 9-12 mos. of "seasoning" - the existing loan being on the books - before they will re-fi.

If some lender is promising that he can do it sooner, why won't he just originate the loan?

Get it in writing.

seek, what exact type of business relationship are we talking about? If you do business in FL I would love to work with you....but if you are asking me to move to Tahiti and work for you....well I could think about that!! Isn't Tahiti gorgeous?

legion-x, hey man what part of Texas are you in?

Dratherbe, it depends on the type of loan and the lender, they are all very different.



I own some property in Riverview. How's that area doing?



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Hit me with an e-mail at think I may have a shitload of business to throw your way shortly.

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legion, yeah ANYTHING near UT is going to be expensive as shit, but its a great place to buy property you know the property value is just keep going up, as long as Austin continues on the path it is on, the last time i was out there the city really look amazing, the whole place has grow alot since I had been there :(

i really miss Texas man, that shit never gets old for me, def. the place i want to retire.

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legion oh definitely man, if you have the mans jump on any opportunity you have, Austin is blowing up and soon I believe will be one of the largest cities, its got the potential.

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