How Do I Buy Socks?

Is there an app or website anyone here prefers? I know nothing about socks and plan on learning eventually but I have a thousand now I want to buy before I waste it on Pop Dolls. 

Go on YouTube.


They have tutorials for stuff like this.

It’s the age of instant information, ask google bro.

Start a sock portfolio, just buy tiny pink girl socks at the beginning then work your way up to giant hiker 100% wool socks. The main thing is time, be patient and dont rush in. Best of luck mate!

I used to have a few jokes about matching socks but I lost one 

Go on Amazon and buy the ones that has a ton of reviews, most being 4 or 5 stars.

I just go to the store, try on a pair that I like and leave the old ones in their place. Its like an unspoken sock rule in stores. 

Salvation Army

We got ourselves a fucking baller over here.

Looking to spend thousand dollars on socks!

I like the cole haan ones for dress socks.    If going for regular athletic Socks, I like the ankle biter pumas or something similar .

Where do you live? I sell socks door to door, I can hook you up.

PeteyWheatstraw - Where do you live? I sell socks door to door, I can hook you up.

“I know you’ve probably had a hard day at work and are sitting down to a meal with your family, but how do you feel about a Cotton/Lycra blend?”

Always try to buy the same size and style. Hanes sz 6-12 low cut crew for me.

Everyone in the house wears these. Any other socks leak into the laundry, I'm throwing them out.

Don't mess with shorting socks. When you buy socks, always be long on socks