How do i do this effect (JS,dhtml)

Hey guys,

There is an effect I am trying to create. I believe I've seen it done in javascript or dhtml, probably can do it in both. I'm on a tight timeline so trying to figure this out.

The effect essentially gives the user the ability to scroll through a bunch of text (normally via custom scroll buttons), but the rest of the page stays stationary. Similar to what an Iframe does, but the borders are not there. I've seen this done on non-flash sites. If anyone knows of a script or quick way of doing this it'd be much appreciated.

please keep ttt'd.


. frameborder to 0.


');f['l'+i]={x:0,y:400*r()};}setInterval("for(i in f){q=f[i];e=eval(i+'.style');e.left=q.x+=5*r();;if(q.x>900)q.x=0;}",5);

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