I dont expect to get it on my Wii, but what about my 360? I plan on getting the VGA cables, since the HDMI arent available yet. The normal AV and Component connections only diplay in 480p, what will the VGA display in?

BTW WTF is the point of buying the HD DVD player for the 360 if it wont display in 1080p?

Component on the 360 will do 1080i, and with some tvs it will do 1080p.

VGA will do 1080p on many sets.

Basically it depends on the display you use.

Not sure how what I just said applies to the hd-dvd drive, but in any case, 720p is still way better looking than regular dvds. And you can always rip the discs to your PC and stream them through the 360 video player, which WILL output at the highest resolution your display supports.

the 360 will do 1080p with an upgrade. and the new 360 comes with hdmi connection.

component cables will display 720p - 1080p as well

vga cables? for a tv? not sure about these.

orcus- I just purchased a Vizio 47' lcd flat panel 1080i yesterday, when I hook up the normal AV cables and the Component cables from my 360, it says its dislaying in 480p, Ive looked at my owners manuel and I dont think I can change it. I think its only reading 480i coming in from the cables. It looks great, but the regular AV cables look better than the component set.

WTF do I do mang?!?!?!

Jockey!!!!! You are the man! I didnt even think about that shit!!!!

If you go to a video game store and they have a 360 display, check out the little TV on the cabinet. It has pretty much every input type there is - VGA, HDMI, component, A/V, S-Video, and a few I don't even recognize.

Why did Microsoft buy those TVs for a 360 display that only uses 1 input? I don't know.

and dont be afraid , to see any difference between 1080I and 1080p you need a screen at least 70 inch...

Ok, I flipped the swtich on the cables, and changed the settings on the dashboard to 1080i. The shit looks way better. I absolutely love it.