How do I get him motivated?

Alright y'all, I'm going home for a month on Christmas break in less than two weeks, and I want to get my brother to get back in shape. Let me start by saying the little bastard is a genetic freak and I'm not, so that kinda sucks. Anyhow, he used to box, he trained pretty intensely (privates, classes, etc.) for about a year. He got into unbelievable shape, virtually limitless cardio and muscular endurance, good skills, freaky hand speed, all that stuff.Then he stopped training.So now he's the coolest guy in his whole high school, drinks and parties and runs around all the time,but doesn't realize in 6 months no one is gonna give a damn. So I'm trying to get him to start in the right direction by getting him back in shape. He's talked some about wanting to fight again sometime down the road, I don't think he realizes how out of shape he is.What can I do to motivate him? I've got three ideas:
1. Start him of slowly so he gets his interest back but doesn't burn out.
2. Make him puke so he realizes how out of shape he is. I've been bulking, he calls me fat and out of shape because my bf% is average now, but I've probably still got more cardio than him.
3. Kick his ass. If he wants to fight, he better be in shape. If I can kick his ass he'll know he's out of shape lolThanks y'all.

More info on him: About 5'10" or 5'11", probably 155 or so. Hasn't done hard cardio in 6-8 months I would guess, but he has the "genetic potential" for crazy stuff, I've seen it happen. He used to be able to do push-ups and chins and stuff till he got bored as opposed to getting tired. I'm mainly just trying to do this to get him to quit drinking so much; even though I'm only three years older than him I've seen and remember a lot of things from my dad and uncles that drinking is NOT a good thing for a guy with our bloodline to get into, and he hasn't fully realized it yet.

Basically, because of his gene pool, he has the potential to either a.) Be a badass fighter in basically whatever discipline he wants to train in or b.) Be a worthless drunk the rest of his life.

Help me out please. Thanks again.

Motivation wont be there until he wants to do it himself. Cant make him do it. Talk to him about it, but nothing will stick until he chooses of his own accord to get back into it.

Genetic freak at 155lbs? I'd say skinny guy.......


A good thing to get a guy going is to beat him in a challenge of some sort. More press ups or chins? Run a mile or 4 miles against him?

That should piss him off. If not he doesn't want to compete and will never better himself. I would not stand to let my bro beat me at anything like that.


A friendly competition might inspire your bro to workout again but I tend to agree with McAdam. I was in great shape and training hard throughout high school: I was a typical over-achiever with great grades, all-conference in football, state silver medalist sprinter (100m), yada, yada, yada. When college hit, I partied like there was no tomorrow. Regularly used every drug except smack. And my grades and body went to hell.

That was ten years ago and have been back on the straight and narrow for 7 years. Now In my case at least, I feel it was something I had to get out of my system. It would have been great to have the perspective I have now without those "wasted" years, but I probably need to hit rock bottom before I appreciated the benefits of a focused, healthy lifestyle.

Best wishes for you and your bro. I hope he turns around like I did.


have him spar three rounds and let him see what
kind of shape he got himself into.

Koing, by "genetic freak", I mean his muscular endurance, cardio, speed, stuff like that. I don't even think he can bench his bodyweight, but he's got sick handspeed, bf%<0, stuff like that.

I was exaggerating about the bodyfat being less than zero though, don't flip out on me caliper nazis.

I'd say kick his ass.

Beat him down and then challenge him to get better than you.

That's Chad's solution to everything.

Kicking his butt might make him realize how much he's declined. And that's pretty much all you can do; once you've done that, the ball is in his court.


Kick his ass. That always works.

I second McAdam. He is going to do what he wants. Forcing people to train and diet correctly does not work. If he really does have aspirations to train again he will.

I'll use myself as an example. I go through periods of time when I am completely submersed myself in training and dieting, but then I'll go a month or two with little to no training or dieting. Then something clicks and I'm back into training mode again because I really do enjoy it and the results.

If he truly wants to train he will. Forcing it on him will just make him frustrated with you and rebel against it even more.

I've been encouraging him in his boxing lately, I think he's gonna start training again with me some. He'll work out, that's not the problem, it's just getting him to eat right and sleep every now and then instead of partying all the time that's the problem. But I think we're making some headway. He really has the natural ability to seriously do something with boxing I think, and he's wanting to get into some BJJ. So hopefully things will work out. Thanks y'all.