How do I get into comics online?

Ok long story short I grew up in bum fuck nowhere and no TV or comic books and anything like it.

Years later I'm a grown man seeing all these superhero movies. I want to read the original comics or something so I can see what the real stories are all about.

I know you can read a lot of comic books online so I humbly ask for some guidance and direction. Thank you Phone Post 3.0

Anyway to do it off the IPhone effectively? And I was after the original Superman comics since I was gonna go watch the new movie here soon. Phone Post 3.0

DA, you're going to make his brain explode! Lol

First, what heroes piqué your interests? Who looks really cool to you?
Marvel? DC? Indy?
Do you like action or character driven heroes?
You want old school, important story arcs, or just anything?

I use the website on my iPhone and have no issues. Don't use the iPhone app, go to the website via safari.

Comixology and the guided view makes the purchase price well worth it. Seriously great app.

I am thinking comicat and torrents to catch up on some series. Phone Post