How do I get to 10th Planet???

"How do I get to 10th Planet?

Pull about 4-5 bong hits and wait about 20-30 minutes. You should see Eddie floating by.

There used to be an old punk club in town called Plantet 10, long gone though.

Interesting. He has a few purple belts under the BJJ style, but they don't even know how to put on a simple/basic collar choke....hmmm....interesting.

First BJJ academy that is going to change the entire standard/criteria for what BJJ is based upon. I am sure the Confederation will recognize them. By the way, how many of their guys will be competing at the Mundials this year? Oh ya, I forgot.....

"First BJJ academy that is going to change the entire standard/criteria for what BJJ is based upon. I am sure the Confederation will recognize them. By the way, how many of their guys will be competing at the Mundials this year? Oh ya, I forgot....."

We're not interested in competing in the Mundials, or any other tournament that involves a Gi. If that's what you want, then by all means, rock out with your cock out. But at 10th Planet, the emphasis is no Gi.

Trying to criticize us for not doing collar chokes is like trying to criticize Tiger Woods for not throwing a good 3 point shot. It's 2 different sports.

"If that's what you want, then by all means, rock out with your cock out. But at 10th Planet, the emphasis is no Gi."

... which means the emphasis is application to MMA and no-gi based competitions, like abu dhabi, the arnolds, the gracie invitational, etc....

Why you gotta hate, omo?

Eddie loves no-gi. He only trained Gi out of respect for his instructor JJM.


What's up bro? I'm in Cerritos too. Shoot me a email:

Ghost needs to train up for his Vanderlei Silva challenge match... since he thinks the guy is such a slouch!

the_sandman - thats way wrong and you know it. I'm sick of seeing people shittin on Ghost for his personal opinions. Shit, half the time I dont even agree with what he says, but he makes points. He has said time and time again.... Silva is a great fighter... he was complaining that Pride was not giving him the level of competition he needs to be fighting as a champion. Thats the end of that story, so shut the fuck up with the over exageration.

Omoplata- I'm guessing you get tapped out all the time by Bjj No-Gi'ers. Is that why your ass is so sore? I personally train both, however for what I induldge in... MMA, No-Gi fits me better. Gi... thats for people who want to add a different spin to their Bjj game by having the option of pulling someone's clothes. Its not the standard for Bjj, its the standard for Bjj with the Gi. Its soley up to the person who is paying a monthly membership on what THEY WANT to learn, not what YOU think fits the norm for Bjj criteria.

eddie's classes are awesome. go check it out for

Do not speak ill of omaplata. He is the official 10th Planet naysayer. We need him to stir the pot every now and then. What's up oma?!

I live in Los Angeles and currently train BJJ (with a gi). I was curious to see how many people train at 10th planet and supplement those classes with a gi class. I love the gi game, but would also like to take alot more no-gi classes, and from what I heard, 10th Planet is the only place to do that.

"I am sure the Confederation will recognize them."

Oh no! if the confederation doesn't recognize us, what will we do?

Probably group suicide.


Hey, maybe Royler could put a word in for 10th Planet with the


I heard you basically teach a "system," of your techniques that you actually use. Your curriculum is based on a set number of techniques and you need to master all of them to get ranked up from you. Is that true?

Hey, I think it is great if a person wants to only train no-gi or MMA. If that is what you want, then maybe 10th Planet is what you are looking for.

As I have posted in the past, that is not where my criticism lies (even though every 10th Planeter will change my words around for sure).

What I am saying is that if you identify yourself as a bjj school, then it would make sense to abide by the criteria in which BJJ is based (which includes an understanding of the gi).

I, for example, really respect the guys at FFA. And what they do actually makes sense. They recognize that some of their students only want to train no-gi. So they have a seperate category/grading system for their pure no-gi guys. Makes sense. Like I said, to be a "BJJ Black Belt" the main standard is to know how to use the gi. How can you tell me a guy is a black belt in bjj if they can not even do the basic techniques with the gi?

I guess my problem is NOT with what Eddie's trying to teach. All the power to him for that. My problem is his attitude about it all. His comment regarding being recognized by the confederation (i.e.- group suicide) is a perfect example. Why be so proud? He sounds very arrogant when he tells the entire bjj community to piss off, and that his guys will be recognized as purple belts even though he is unwilling to recognize the standard by which 99% of all BJJ teachers judge there students. That is very arrogant. I don't care if he tapped Royler once in his life. He still has a lot to prove if he wants to be so arrogant. He wants his purple belts to be recognized by the bjj community as legit purples, but they can not hang at blue belt level at the mundials (which is one of the most respected tournaments to win for a bjj fighter). Your guys don't have interest to compete in the mundials (or any gi tournament for that matter), then you should not be recognized by the standards that the bjj community bases itself on.
To say that you don't care about what the confederation thinks is the same as spitting on all the black belts who are recognized by the confederation (and are proud of that accomplishment). And I am pretty sure Eddie is too proud to ever concede to anything I am saying. He would be to proud to shut his critics up by acknowledging that his system (similar to FFA's no-gi system) should be graded on a different scale than that of a "BJJ" system. Not saying the no-gi system would be at a less level, it would just be different. I guarantee he is too arrogant to do that. And no matter what your students think, you are not GOD. So try to get off your high hourse.
Now all your students can come on here and bash the hell out of me (which was not my intention).


You need a web site. I've been trying to find the address to 10th planet for awhile. If it weren't for this thread I'd be driving around hollywood aimlessly.

What are the prices?

I see what your saying, it is different and I agree it shouldnt be in the same class. I personally have never, nor do I have any interest in ever putting a gi on because I dont feel I need to. That is just my opinion. I started learning subs beacuse I wanted to fight, I could care less about rolling in my pajamas. Now I do enjoy a sub tourney here and there. I know if I ever put on a gi I would get schooled but like I said I have no plans to do that so it doesnt matter. For you to say that its not BJJ at all, because that seems to be what you are saying, in my opinion is wrong. What you dont understand is that people like us who dont ever wear a gi dont care what the BJJ conferderation thinks. We have become a big community, that at least in America, will probley grow to be as large or larger then traditional BJJ. What is wrong with calling it NOGI BJJ? I dont see anything because that is what it is.

Brad McCall

Did that make any sence at all?

Makes sense. I'm kinda in the same boat, however I train with the Gi occasionally. Its totally different.