How do I hide my IP address

Manly for the purpose of torrenting. I watch most of the movies/series on Netflix or just buy them but I will torrent different programs and anime(this shit can be really really expensive and usually won't get many episodes in each set you pay for) Phone Post 3.0

proxy server?

With Tape or a VPN

Relevant to my interests Phone Post 3.0

I've heard that Tor/Onion routers ? Phone Post 3.0

Proxy Phone Post 3.0


Peer Block is a pretty basic step for torrenting. Phone Post 3.0

Proxy or VPN really.

You can't torrent with TOR. Bandwidth is way too slow. They only allow specific ports.

VPN, brah. I use this one

For later

Relevant to my interests Phone Post 3.0

Vpn Phone Post 3.0

In. I need this as well. Phone Post 3.0

In for later Phone Post

Yep Phone Post 3.0

Wrap your router with tin foil