How do I make my mom to allow me to go to MMA

So i am 16 years old and year ago i stopped judo training because i broke my clavicle and after recovering i lost my motivation and wanted to try something new. In my opinion judo is dangerous , after every tournament my neck hurt so bad that i just couldn't move it and before tournaments i wasn't able to eat because i needed to get in weight category . Judo was part of my life , 4 trainings per week and tournament every 3 weeks. Now i want to start training in MMA but my mom thinks that it is too dangerous , but i don't want to go to MMA tournaments i just want to train . I know that there is sparring and people don't spar with full strength . And to spar you need to practice some time. I have pretty strong martial arts background , i was 2 times 3rd in my country and thouse who were 1st and 2nd i had won multiple times , i also lost to them. And i also got into the national team and we went to st petersburg .

I understand that my mother cares about my health but it would be better if i train in MMA than i just train nowhere.