how do i post pics from my pc?

a little help here fellas.

You need to have a spot on the web to host them first. You cannot just post them from your PC.

any suggestions on a place for hosting them?

find pic u want on ur comp and upload

Imageshack will not allow hotlinking.

You won't be able to see it here unless you go there.

Go to and get a Free account.


Upload pics onto your photobucket account from your computer.


Let me know if you have any problems. – pretty self explanatory.


Actually easier to open 2 internet sites so that you can bounce back and forth – one with and one with your photobucket account opened to the pic you want to post.


Go to under the thread where you wish to post the pics.


In the 1st line about mid way across is an icon that looks like a mountain – click on that and it will pop up another window labeled Image Source.


Go to your photobucket account and underneath the pic that you are wanting to posts is the 1st line labeled URL – highlight or click on that line and copy it.


Go back to the pop up window and it is called Image Source Information.  The 1st line is labeled Source.  Click in the blank line to the right and paste the url info.  Then you Tab, Tab, Tab, all the way thru Style and then (you may have to wait a few seconds to see the pic pop into the square on the right.  If you don't see it continue tab'ing thru again until you see it.  Then click on OK.


Your pic should appear in the desired thread.  To resize it click on the pic and there are grab handles on each of the corners of your pic.  Click and drag down until you can see the entire pic in your message.  You can always go back and edit your pic – by editing your message and resizing until you get it right.


I know this is super simplified but everything to me is easy once you know how and I need this step by step; and not half assed instructions. 


Later, ma

Thanks for the help

are you in hawaii right now by any chance?

nope, im in castle rock co. for a few days, and then its back to dallas

Village Photos is the best.

With Village you can resize, it auto posts the URL, and HTML. Can't say enough good things, plenty of free storage.



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